Water Purifier
The Water Purifiers are made for the elementary purification of water. These disinfect the water and thus ensure protection from life-threatening water-borne diseases. These purifying units are made to remove the bacteria and viruses.
Water Dispenser
Water Dispensers are suited for both cleaning and maintenance. These can evade the occurrence of functional failure. These are used in schools, offices and various other places to provide cold, normal and highly pure water.
Ultra Aqua - Wall Mount Range
The Ultra Aqua - Wall Mount Range are provided with sturdy construction, optimum performance and high durability. These wall-fixed units of low maintenance are accessible at affordable price.
Filter Cartridges
Supplied high quality Filter Cartridges are the modular filters, designed to remove the chemicals as well as particles from the drinking water. These are made from spun polyester and ensure high serviceability.
Industrial RO System
The Industrial RO Systems can work as the standalone systems of high durability. These can work extremely well and suffice as the best ways to pre-treat the feed water. On account of their life expectancy, these industrial RO units are finer than the downstream systems.
Water Softner System
Water softeners systems are useful for the treatment of hard water and remove the buildup of scale. Also, these are suited for the removal of contaminants such as toxic metals, chemicals, sediment and micro organisms.

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