Pioneering RO System in India

A range of Domestic industrial water purification systems, Domestic industrial softener vessels, industrial RO systems, RO pumps, RO membranes, adaptors, tanks, inline filter cartridges, etc. at industry leading prices....

About Us

Impure water contains minute bacteria, viruses, micro organisms, and other germs which are highly hazardous and catastrophic to human beings. In this regard, Nirmal Agency is playing an instrumental role in providing pure and safe water through a series of advanced water purification systems. Incepted in the year 2002, we are a reputed manufacturer and trader of premium grade Water Purification Systems and Softener Vessels for domestic and industrial applications.

The company implements latest manufacturing and designing techniques at all stages, thus gaining a competitive edge in the industry.
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Nirmal Agency applies rigorous testing methods on every product with the help of the industry's leading quality personnel. Our RO Systems & Purification Vessels are unique in design and perfect in purifying water to the last drop.
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